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Comet's Story

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Comet goes to his first show!

So today I took the lovely psycho known as Comet to his first show ever. I must say he did pretty well in the classes. It was just a fun show/fundraiser so it was no big deal. We got a 1st in musical stalls, 2nd in simon says and a 6th in flags. But he wouldnt back out of the trailer (horse transporter helped us...he couldnt get him out either) he hops right in, he just doesnt like backing out and stepping down, he needs a slant load. But in the process of him flinging his head around I think he broke my finger :P and he dragged me through the woods when I was unbridling him because he is way too herd bound. He was also a little dork going into the arena but hey what horse isnt at one point? ;P Other than that I'm really proud of him not really trying a lot, most of the mistakes just comes from needing more work on ground manners so when we work more with that, we'll be ready for our next show!


  1. I will soon be taking one of mine to his first show. he has traveled to many places and seen many things so there is not much to worry about, he just isn't a talent super star. I can't wait to hear about your sucess at your next show!!!

  2. Hope everything goes great when you take your guy to his first show too!!