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Comet's Story

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Comet's Next Stop is Indiana

Well it's not for another 2 months, but I never update this thing! There's my old barn owner's fun show in Laporte, IN which is about a 1 1/2hr drive from the barn. I'm really hoping to bring the C man. The thing we need to work on is loading since his last loading experience wrecked him and now he's scared to get in the trailer all together. So the majority of the next 2 months will be working on trailer loading and some gymkhana patterns. And now that his new bit came in today, we can finally start! Some other exciting....well not so exciting news about Comet is we're finally getting back into work after taking a tumble about 2 weeks ago. We were just playing a game with one of my barn buddies and he either just took a bad step or just didn't move his legs quick enough. He face planted and almost somersaulted, but he managed to not go all the way over. I "dismounted with style" off to the side since I thought he was going to go all the way over and I was pretty much on his neck so I didn't want to push his face further into the dirt. He was perfectly fine afterwards, I just walked him around the rest of our ride and gave him some time off just in case. Although he proved just how good he was feeling when we had our first major snow ;) We both had a blast running around in the field in the snow on Saturday and my friend got some awesome pictures which I'll be sure to post when I have them! That's about all that's happened recently so I'll end this post with a happy riding to everyone and my newest video staring a familiar face ;)