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Comet's Story

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Meet the horses!

Ok so obviously you all know Comet but here are a few of the guest stars you might see every now and then. First up is Starlight, a 23yr young Arabian mare. She came to me when she was 18, some lady that hadn't ridden her for 3yrs brought her to the barn so the barn owner could give her away to someone. She had some mare issues but nothing major. That was almost 5yrs ago, and I think she's more hyper now then when I got her :P Her name was previously Skunk, I got the name Starlight from Saddle Club and I normall call her Star for short. But she's a good girl who goes pretty dam fast for a 23yr old and still has a lot left in her! Here's a vid of her and her best buddy Kareen (my friend's 22yr young Arabian mare) running around in the pasture!
Next up is Dawson. Dawson isn't my horse but I ride him for his owners since they can't come out as much as they would like. We are still in the early learning process of each other but he's a very well trained western pleasure/jumper, the only problem he has is loping, he is pretty stiff and not very well balanced and he bucked A LOT (I know great for me right? :P) but he's getting better. Let me tell you, he is one of the sweetest horses I've ever met, and him and Comet are inseperable! Both of them come running to me at the gate saying pick me pick me! And they share their hay piles and play with each other in the pasture. Dawson's "owner" is a little 5yr old girl whose the size of a peanut, Dawson's around 15.3 or 16hh so he can crush her like a twig but they are so cute together! Dawson will watch where he steps and she will always run to get Dawson and doesn't care what horse is in the way (she's always supervised obviously), she wants her horse! She rides him english and I school him western along with her mom. They also have a cute little jumper named Keely, she's a Welsh pony and boy are both of them talented! I just wish they could come out more often but due to some issues they can't come out nearly enough :( but Keely gets ridden/loved on by another little girl at the barn so neither of them are being neglected! Grrr I couldn't get the video up so here's just a picture!