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Comet's Story

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Just an update....

Well thought I'd give you guys a bit of an update. Nothing new has been happening with this dang heat wave it's been too hot to ride! Although the few rides we have been able to sneak in have been awesome, despite not doing any riding for a little over a week Comet was at it like a pro, no hyper OMG it's gonna kill me moments. And last week even got to sneak in a trailer loading lesson (my friend keeps her trailer locked up so can't expose him to it unless she's there) After about 20min we made 2 successful in and out trips. Since he's never been loaded in a ramp load and he now has a problem getting in (long story) he did good. Also have been able to expose him to the tarp more, still having issues when I swing it around but baby steps, he's getting confident at walking over it which is a step forward. Well that's about all I can think of so until next time keep you and your horses cool during the heat!