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Comet's Story

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Comet's Story

Hey everyone and welcome to Comet's blog, this will be mainly about Comet, but will throw in some guests like my other horse Starlight and all their friends at the barn! Let me start off telling you a little bit about Comet. When I first met Comet it was on a trailer with 4 horses pulled up at the auction, I could only see a little bit but I saw a black and white paint with a little white diamond on his nose. My barn owner bought that black and white paint for his son. When we brought him home we soon found out why he ended up there. Comet had a serious problem, he layed down with riders. Everyone hated him, but I saw something most people didn't, I saw a horse that needed someone to love him. But the day I got him, June 26, 2008, all that changed. Comet and I were trotting and he suddenly took off, did a big bronco buck on the hill and I swung off and ate the dirt HARD. I got back on like any other rider but that didn't change, Comet reared 3 more times and I was already light headed so I got off and walked him around so he wouldn't think that he could go in after that. Well Comet then trampled/got away from me twice. I absolutely hated him and cried everynight about bringing him to auction after that, I also never really rode him again after the accident. But when my barn moved on January 23rd, 2010 I discovered Comet was different, he was actually moving. And from there on we only progressed, now we can trot by clucking and canter by kissing, jump over 2'3", gallop in the open field and much more. I highly reccomend to check out Comet's Story on youtube (posted below), it is a very moving and inspiring video. Comet and I have been through so much in these short 2yrs and I hope we will have many more journeys together! I'll be taking him on his first trail ride tomorrow so wish him luck! Take care everyone! :)


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