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Comet's Story

Monday, November 14, 2011

Together, We're Unbreakable...

Hey guys! Just a little update on the C man. He's doing great and really getting the hang of collection and moving much slower (but not to the point of dragging around!) and I'm happy with the pace he moves now. The only thing he struggles with is headset. It depends on the ride, if I haven't ridden him in a while he wont keep it too long, if I consistently ride him then he'll usually keep it level for the majority of the ride. And stupid me broke my training fork when I slid off and it got caught on my pants pocket (it was looped around the horn because I usually take it off for cool out). But I was going to start riding him without one anyway. Anyway nothing interesting or new to add, but just finished my first video of him with my new editing software and just wanted to share and see his progess!


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Video from today's ride...

Comet did pretty great today considering he hasn't been ridden for over a week. Since nothing's new I don't update on here too often, but just thought I'd give you guys some clips from today's ride I forgot to add in transitions so it jumps around a bit!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Just another update....

Sorry I don't get on here too often. I figure you guys would probably get sick of hearing the same things over and over. Comet's doing good and is pretty solid at the walk jog and lope, just need to work on keeping his head set at the lope. Today was his first day riding out in the larger field (about 7 acres or so). He was his usual ADD self and couldn't keep much focus on me and was too excited about the other horse galloping around and the other horses at the barn. But we did lots of large/small circles and figure eights to keep his mind busy. We only had 2 tweak outs both of which were just "im running whether you're on me or not" moments which was expected since he's never been in that big of space before (the closest to an open area was the other 3 acre field). After a couple more rides in there he'll be more relaxed and good to go! Well that's about it, enjoy this quick clip of Comet grazing in the pasture (:

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Comet Goes Back to His Old Trick....

Well it's been a while since I've updated on here. Comet's always been picky about his rider, either he likes you or he doesn't. However, most of the time even if he doesn't like you he's pretty tolerant. Well, about 2 weeks ago I had one of my friends ride him (she's a horse person) and about 20min into it he decides he doesn't want her on his back anymore. So instead of bucking someone off like a normal horse Comet just went back to his ''trick'' of laying down...but this time he actually rolled. After that she got back on and was fine. He hasn't attempted again since and he wasn't sick. That's basically the only big thing that's really happened since I last updated. He's really slowing up to a nice relaxed pace that's slower than english, but not so dragging like a western pleasure horse. He's still having some issues with the tarp, but making steady progress. That's about all I can think of for now so until next time happy riding!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Just an update....

Well thought I'd give you guys a bit of an update. Nothing new has been happening with this dang heat wave it's been too hot to ride! Although the few rides we have been able to sneak in have been awesome, despite not doing any riding for a little over a week Comet was at it like a pro, no hyper OMG it's gonna kill me moments. And last week even got to sneak in a trailer loading lesson (my friend keeps her trailer locked up so can't expose him to it unless she's there) After about 20min we made 2 successful in and out trips. Since he's never been loaded in a ramp load and he now has a problem getting in (long story) he did good. Also have been able to expose him to the tarp more, still having issues when I swing it around but baby steps, he's getting confident at walking over it which is a step forward. Well that's about all I can think of so until next time keep you and your horses cool during the heat!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

3 Years and We're Doing What Everyone Thought was Impossible.


April 27, 2008, the first day I met you when the trailer at the auction pulled up with 4 horses, but you were the only Paint in there, one with a little diamond on your nose. Little did I know that Rick would win the bidding war on you and we’d take you home. Your owners obviously didn’t care where you ended up since they just left you tied to a wall with sweat dripping off of you. The next day Ryan rode you and we found out the reason you ended up in the auction in the first place, you laid down 12 times, he tried to take you out on trail and you laid down 3 more times. Ryan decided he wanted nothing to do with you then so Rick was going to sell you. A few people came and a few others rode him at the barn….all of which you laid down with. After a while I started riding more often, never once laying down and you were the only horse I trusted as much as Starlight. That would all change on June 26, 2008, the day the accident happened and you became mine. We were trotting and all of a sudden you took off, bucked and I flew off and hit the ground hard. I got right back on and you were still terrified of something and you wanted to get back to your buddies so you continually kept rearing and trying to run back to them. Seeing riding was getting us no where I got off and walked you around. You then took the liberty to attempt to run away from me, trampling me 3 times. I thought I was fine and it was like every other fall, but I guess I didn’t fall right because ever since then I stutter more often, lose track of what I’m saying, my right leg is in pain constantly and every now and again I get blurred vision. For some reason that one fall bursted my confidence enough to not ride you for over 9 months. Then I finally had enough of your kicking, slams against the wall, trampling me and crying every night about selling you so on March 17, 2009 I had my first ground lesson on you and on March 24, 2009 is when I got on you for the first time. After a while I couldn’t afford lessons with no job so I was forced to stop. After that I was terrified to get on you and I knew that wouldn’t get us anywhere so I had Kenny ride you. Then on January 23, 2010 Prairie Run Farm moved and became Spring Creek Stables. That is where you began to change. You were actually moving. I started to get back on and my confidence began to rise, and to this day you still have not laid down. The key behind his story is how much everyone’s attitudes around me have changed. Every downing thing I’ve heard from people I remember clearly the day they said it. Every time Kenny joked about eating him, Rick and Deb would laugh at me under the berry tree saying I need to sell him, I’m not getting anywhere, Peggy told me how scared she was of him and how he broke Kate’s arm, Jessie and Tina ask me why do you want him, he’s not a good horse anyway, when Angie jokingly asked me do I like a challenge, and when Jackie told me he’ll never amount to anything, he’s just good for glue, I remember it, and I also remember hiding in Starlight’s stall and crying to myself thinking, they’re right. This is why I work so hard with him, this is why every time I see him, every time I ride him, every time I look into his eye or even when I just start thinking of him is why I can’t help but smile knowing we’re proving all of those people wrong. Unlike people that have horses with bucking problems or people starting horses I had no books, no videos, no one to ask the reason he did this, no way to know how to stop it. I know he’ll never make it to Congress or World and while he may not be super talented at anything (heck, neither am I) I get in constant fights with people on why I don’t show. Truth is I really don’t care to because I have absolutely nothing to prove to a couple of judges. I’m not out to kick ass or bring home some ribbons because the only person I have to prove to accomplish something is myself and my horse. Even though he’s a curious little dork and we still have a lot to work on he has turned into something nobody could have imagined. Every time we run around that barrel, jump over that jump or gallop in the field I think to myself wow. All it took was just the strength to get back on him and not be scared which was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. For some reason that one fall, that one pointless little fall crushed every little bit of confidence I had. He makes my day with every little nuzzle, or some of the whacky things he does. For what he has given me I’ll never be able to repay him. But together Comet and I are going to work harder to prove to everyone what this “glob of glue” can really do and we will show them all he can do what they all thought was impossible.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Comet vs Tarp

Well Comet got to experience the wonders of a tarp today. It went really well. This is the 2nd time he was exposed to it. Had him walking over it in less than 5min, while he was still shakey when I was waving it around but definately a major improvement from the start. Give it about a week and he'll be going like a pro! He's going to hate me because he also got to taste the yummy dewormer paste today and tomorrow he gets a few needles in him from the vet for Spring shots! In other news I've been working on his 3yr video and so far I like the beginning, hate the middle and hopefully going to like the ending but we'll see how it comes out! That's all for now, I'll check back with you all in about a week! Happy riding!


Friday, June 3, 2011

Comet's Mane Project

Well it's been just about a year since I started working on Comet's mane. He rubbed half of it out, and despite all efforts to try and save it, I ended up roaching it. I hate short manes, neatly thinned, clean cut short manes do look nice, I just prefer long and natural (: and I don't do any showing anyway. But he's made some great progress! He still tries to rub it out in the beginning summer months just due to itchyness from shedding, but nothing compared to what it used to be!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Comet Update

Well it's been a while since I've uploaded this thing, been busy lately with school and ACT stuff! First and foremost I would like to wish my one special granny horse Starlight a happy 24th birthday today, I could have never asked for a better first horse! But Comet has been accelerating at everything we've tried! He's really starting to set his head a lot nicer, relaxing his pace more and he's also getting better at turning around the barrels. He went to his 2nd show on May 14th and did well with the exception of being curious about everything and a little nervous about the trailer. I rode him completely bridless with just a neck rope for the first time last week and couldn't have been more proud! He's also gained a lot of new friends who love him just as much as I do! Seeing them so happy on him and giving him compliments almost makes me want to cry. The closest I ever got to a compliment with him before was he was pretty and now I have a lot of people that see his video and actually just want to come meet him. I really don't care if he never places at shows, just being around him everyday makes my day. We may have days where he pushes my buttons and I do things that are wrong, but he still trusts and protects me. We still have a lot to work on, the biggest being ground manners, but still I could never repay for what this horse gives me everytime I look at him.

Here's a sneak preview of his barrels (still needs a lot of work on that 2nd barrel) and of him bridleless, I'm starting to gather up some clips for our 3 year anniversary video coming out June 26 (dang can't believe it's been 3 years already!) it's going to be one of the longest descriptions ever, but I mean every word of it.

And here's a picture of him and some of his new buddies, Jessica (standing on him) and Sam (on Starlight)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Comet Before and After

Found some old pictures of Comet, just thought I'd share. Man I CAN'T wait until his nice long mane comes back, it's already halfway down his neck......dang he got fat.....

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

These are the horses that built me....

I could never be anywhere if it wasn't for all of the horses that have been in my life. Obviously not all of the horses are in this vid, but most of the ones that I currently ride. So to them, this is a thank you.


Sorry for the vids lately, but a little update on Comet: Boy is he lovin this weather change! He's a hyper little 2yr old I'm havin a hard time keeping him still! I've been riding him english lately because my western saddle doesn't fit. But I do plan on getting a new one so he can at least be a walk/jog western pleasure horse, although I doubt I'll ever be able to bring his canter to a lope, but I'm always optimistic! Well that's all for now!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I am who I am today, because of you.....

This is just me thanking the 2 awesome horses I have in my life (:


Growing up in a non-horse community, where everything is basically about the brands of clothes you wear, or what sport you play, I have always received tons of criticism for my passion for horses. Everyone can say I'm a freak or I'm stupid, but one thing they can't say is I don't love my horses. They are the only ones that allow me to be something that I don't get to be that often.....myself. They don't care how I dress, they don't care how I act, they don't care if I have make up on or how my hair looks. All they want is for me to take off the mask and love them. I can tell them things and they will listen, they will comfort, they will respond in something much more valuable than words. They may not be big fancy expensive show horses, but they're my friends, partners, therapists, family and to me that is priceless. Starlight and Comet have both helped me achieve so much more than what I could get from a horse show or volleyball match and no matter what horses come to me throughout my lifetime, these 2 will always be the 2 horses that changed my life and will always be the closest to my heart.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Comet gets a photo shoot...

This was back in October, but just thought I'd share the pictures from Comet's photo shoot (: