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Comet's Story

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Comet Update

Well it's been a while since I've uploaded this thing, been busy lately with school and ACT stuff! First and foremost I would like to wish my one special granny horse Starlight a happy 24th birthday today, I could have never asked for a better first horse! But Comet has been accelerating at everything we've tried! He's really starting to set his head a lot nicer, relaxing his pace more and he's also getting better at turning around the barrels. He went to his 2nd show on May 14th and did well with the exception of being curious about everything and a little nervous about the trailer. I rode him completely bridless with just a neck rope for the first time last week and couldn't have been more proud! He's also gained a lot of new friends who love him just as much as I do! Seeing them so happy on him and giving him compliments almost makes me want to cry. The closest I ever got to a compliment with him before was he was pretty and now I have a lot of people that see his video and actually just want to come meet him. I really don't care if he never places at shows, just being around him everyday makes my day. We may have days where he pushes my buttons and I do things that are wrong, but he still trusts and protects me. We still have a lot to work on, the biggest being ground manners, but still I could never repay for what this horse gives me everytime I look at him.

Here's a sneak preview of his barrels (still needs a lot of work on that 2nd barrel) and of him bridleless, I'm starting to gather up some clips for our 3 year anniversary video coming out June 26 (dang can't believe it's been 3 years already!) it's going to be one of the longest descriptions ever, but I mean every word of it.

And here's a picture of him and some of his new buddies, Jessica (standing on him) and Sam (on Starlight)


  1. hey, havn't heard from you in a while! great to see an update. thanks for the video clip, looks like things are going great! when i rode my mare bareback i actually used a hula hoop (with intentions of doing other tricks with it, taking it off and twiling it on my arm while she goes) but my poor hula skills left me to just having it around her neck and taking it on and off. I can't even hula on the ground! hope to get more updates, and yay, June 26th is right around the corner!!

  2. Hey Christine! I'll have to try that one, it'd be funny to watch (I am not very talented with the hoola hoop either so it ought to be interesting!) I got a neat clip today of me standing on him and swinging a rope around! He didn't bat an eye! Comet and I are most likely going to try cattle sorting this Saturday either A-he's really going to be cowy and I'll post it on here or B-he's really going to hate it and I'll be posting about my hospital visit ;) but either way there'll be a post about it so you'll here about him soon ;)