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Comet's Story

Friday, January 6, 2012

Juuust another update...

Well nothing interesting has really happened lately, it's always so boring in winter! I just got another english saddle after I sold my ugly one a few months ago so we're going back to having fun with a little jumping. We went over some cross rails on Tuesday but when I wanted to try a small vertical he decided it would just be easier to walk over it. But I don't blame him since I don't have the best equitation in the world. I just like to switch it up a bit so it's not the same thing every single ride, makes it a bit more interesting for the both of us! He seems to be enjoying himself with this weather since the little devil tried to buck me off last week when I was bareback. He likes to be a little showoff when people are watching, he was fine when we were by ourselves but once the group of kids came in he says "oh boy people! Come pet me!" But that's just typical Comet. Overall it's been pretty quiet, usually do more when the weather gets a bit warmer or when theres some snow, but with this up down weather who knows when that'll ever happen! Happy winter riding everyone!