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Saturday, December 11, 2010

1yr today, RIP Kevin Benes, Forever in Our Hearts...


One year ago today, everyone's lives changed forever. A tragedy that will never be erased through anyone's mind. It has brought the Benes family and all of their friends closer together. Although Kevin may be gone now, his memory will live on forever. We will band together and fight to end drunk driving, to remember Kevin and all of the victims of drunk driving and one day we will succeed where there will be no more victims of drunk driving, no more parents burying their children, no more couples burying their spouses, all caused by one person's stupid, preventable mistake. RIP Kevin Benes 6/8/90-12/11/09

I saw Kevin's car for the first time today. I have seen so many pictures of cars from car accidents, these by far were the worst I have ever seen. I never knew it was even possible for a car to be damaged that severely, there is no way, just no way someone could have survived that, it was physically impossible. And someone's son was actually in that car, it just puts life in a whole perspective. That you have no control on what other people do, someone's reckless mistake is the cause of so much pain, loss, and devestation. People just need to know not to be that one person who makes the decision of driving drunk because you have no idea on just how much pain that could cause.

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