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Comet's Story

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Comet gets a photo shoot...

This was back in October, but just thought I'd share the pictures from Comet's photo shoot (:


  1. Sounds like Comet found that when he laid down no one would ride him. Unfortunately his behavior left him with no one to care about him.
    He has learned to trust you through your love & patience.
    You are blessed to have found one another.
    He's beautiful & he loves you for trusting & believing in him when no one else would.
    Relish the wonderful bond between horse & horse lover.
    You & Comet are special. Enjoy him.

  2. Hi,
    I'm "Anonymous February 5,2011" just checking back to see how you & Comet are doing. I once took on a horse (after her owner died)that no one was allowed to open the stall to feed or water. She turned out fine & just wanted to go out on trail.
    I can't wait for the "Orland Park Prairie (PET?) Horse Of The Year" nomination. Comet has my vote!!!

  3. Hi Patti! Wow, sorry it took so long to see your comment, I don't check them too often! But Comet is doing great, he is still convinced the tarp and trailer are out to get him but slowly getting better at it. That's great you figured out she just wanted to go on trail. Figuring out ''aggressive'' horses act the way they do can be pretty tricky. I've attempted trail (the trails by me are a little dangerous to ride to with him since we're about 10-20ft away from cars going 55mph+) with Comet but they haven't gone too well. He's a little bit ADD and gets overexcited so I want to have him experience some scary things so he has a smaller chance of hurting himself (and me) when we try it again. And aww thanks for thinking of Comet for the OPP Pet of the Year, it means a lot!