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Comet's Story

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I am who I am today, because of you.....

This is just me thanking the 2 awesome horses I have in my life (:


Growing up in a non-horse community, where everything is basically about the brands of clothes you wear, or what sport you play, I have always received tons of criticism for my passion for horses. Everyone can say I'm a freak or I'm stupid, but one thing they can't say is I don't love my horses. They are the only ones that allow me to be something that I don't get to be that often.....myself. They don't care how I dress, they don't care how I act, they don't care if I have make up on or how my hair looks. All they want is for me to take off the mask and love them. I can tell them things and they will listen, they will comfort, they will respond in something much more valuable than words. They may not be big fancy expensive show horses, but they're my friends, partners, therapists, family and to me that is priceless. Starlight and Comet have both helped me achieve so much more than what I could get from a horse show or volleyball match and no matter what horses come to me throughout my lifetime, these 2 will always be the 2 horses that changed my life and will always be the closest to my heart.