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Comet's Story

Sunday, June 26, 2011

3 Years and We're Doing What Everyone Thought was Impossible.


April 27, 2008, the first day I met you when the trailer at the auction pulled up with 4 horses, but you were the only Paint in there, one with a little diamond on your nose. Little did I know that Rick would win the bidding war on you and we’d take you home. Your owners obviously didn’t care where you ended up since they just left you tied to a wall with sweat dripping off of you. The next day Ryan rode you and we found out the reason you ended up in the auction in the first place, you laid down 12 times, he tried to take you out on trail and you laid down 3 more times. Ryan decided he wanted nothing to do with you then so Rick was going to sell you. A few people came and a few others rode him at the barn….all of which you laid down with. After a while I started riding more often, never once laying down and you were the only horse I trusted as much as Starlight. That would all change on June 26, 2008, the day the accident happened and you became mine. We were trotting and all of a sudden you took off, bucked and I flew off and hit the ground hard. I got right back on and you were still terrified of something and you wanted to get back to your buddies so you continually kept rearing and trying to run back to them. Seeing riding was getting us no where I got off and walked you around. You then took the liberty to attempt to run away from me, trampling me 3 times. I thought I was fine and it was like every other fall, but I guess I didn’t fall right because ever since then I stutter more often, lose track of what I’m saying, my right leg is in pain constantly and every now and again I get blurred vision. For some reason that one fall bursted my confidence enough to not ride you for over 9 months. Then I finally had enough of your kicking, slams against the wall, trampling me and crying every night about selling you so on March 17, 2009 I had my first ground lesson on you and on March 24, 2009 is when I got on you for the first time. After a while I couldn’t afford lessons with no job so I was forced to stop. After that I was terrified to get on you and I knew that wouldn’t get us anywhere so I had Kenny ride you. Then on January 23, 2010 Prairie Run Farm moved and became Spring Creek Stables. That is where you began to change. You were actually moving. I started to get back on and my confidence began to rise, and to this day you still have not laid down. The key behind his story is how much everyone’s attitudes around me have changed. Every downing thing I’ve heard from people I remember clearly the day they said it. Every time Kenny joked about eating him, Rick and Deb would laugh at me under the berry tree saying I need to sell him, I’m not getting anywhere, Peggy told me how scared she was of him and how he broke Kate’s arm, Jessie and Tina ask me why do you want him, he’s not a good horse anyway, when Angie jokingly asked me do I like a challenge, and when Jackie told me he’ll never amount to anything, he’s just good for glue, I remember it, and I also remember hiding in Starlight’s stall and crying to myself thinking, they’re right. This is why I work so hard with him, this is why every time I see him, every time I ride him, every time I look into his eye or even when I just start thinking of him is why I can’t help but smile knowing we’re proving all of those people wrong. Unlike people that have horses with bucking problems or people starting horses I had no books, no videos, no one to ask the reason he did this, no way to know how to stop it. I know he’ll never make it to Congress or World and while he may not be super talented at anything (heck, neither am I) I get in constant fights with people on why I don’t show. Truth is I really don’t care to because I have absolutely nothing to prove to a couple of judges. I’m not out to kick ass or bring home some ribbons because the only person I have to prove to accomplish something is myself and my horse. Even though he’s a curious little dork and we still have a lot to work on he has turned into something nobody could have imagined. Every time we run around that barrel, jump over that jump or gallop in the field I think to myself wow. All it took was just the strength to get back on him and not be scared which was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. For some reason that one fall, that one pointless little fall crushed every little bit of confidence I had. He makes my day with every little nuzzle, or some of the whacky things he does. For what he has given me I’ll never be able to repay him. But together Comet and I are going to work harder to prove to everyone what this “glob of glue” can really do and we will show them all he can do what they all thought was impossible.


  1. TEARS IN MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!
    You story, your video is amazing! Can I put it up on my facebook page, I want to share it with everyone!!! Message me!

  2. Aww thank you! Go ahead and share wherever you like (:

  3. Awesome, thanks!!!! Sharing! :)