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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

RIP Emmy, I still miss you.....


So today's post is in memory of Emmy, Starlight's best friend. It has been 1 year, 6 months and 25 days since she has been gone and the pain is still the same. It took Star a good 2 months to stop excluding herself from the rest of the herd. She will always be remembered by her sweet personality, even when Star was being a little witch to her ;) She is the only mare I have EVER met in my life that NEVER got moody, ever. She truly didn't deserve to go the way she did and it was just a shock, complete utter shock really. She wasn't mine so I really didn't think I would miss her this much but I do. I can't explain it, there was just something about her that I miss dearly that I truly can't explain. I just couldn't believe just the night before we gave her her last meal, pet her for the last time, watched her and Star chase each other away from their hay for the last time and it just wasn't fair. Out of all the horses, it had to be her. I've seen a few horses pass away and to this day Emmy is the one that cut the deepest. Don't get me wrong, I hated to see Rascal put down, right in front of me (I had to hold the flashlight) and I miss Shadow deeply, but they went peacefully, and their death was planned because there was nothing else to do to let them live comfortably. Emmy still had a lot of life in her even at 19. She used to be a search and rescue horse, lesson horse, trail horse, barrel horse and who knows what else, she was all around a great and unforgettable horse. I've just really been thinking about her lately and I really really miss her. The quote I made the day she passed still holds true... "The lives you touched were many, the lives you rescued were countless, but the lives missing you are infinite, RIP miss Emma"

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