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Comet's Story

Friday, June 17, 2011

Comet vs Tarp

Well Comet got to experience the wonders of a tarp today. It went really well. This is the 2nd time he was exposed to it. Had him walking over it in less than 5min, while he was still shakey when I was waving it around but definately a major improvement from the start. Give it about a week and he'll be going like a pro! He's going to hate me because he also got to taste the yummy dewormer paste today and tomorrow he gets a few needles in him from the vet for Spring shots! In other news I've been working on his 3yr video and so far I like the beginning, hate the middle and hopefully going to like the ending but we'll see how it comes out! That's all for now, I'll check back with you all in about a week! Happy riding!



  1. Tarps are great, I make all my horses walk on it, trot on it, and i lay it over them. Tarps, no problem. (just don't tell them that tarps are horse eating monsters!)

  2. You mean your horses DON'T know that??? Comet can smell a horse eating anything from a mile away! ;) He'll get to that stage with a lot of work! Just have to take baby steps to get there and all of the horse eating monsters will find someone else!