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Comet's Story

Friday, October 7, 2011

Just another update....

Sorry I don't get on here too often. I figure you guys would probably get sick of hearing the same things over and over. Comet's doing good and is pretty solid at the walk jog and lope, just need to work on keeping his head set at the lope. Today was his first day riding out in the larger field (about 7 acres or so). He was his usual ADD self and couldn't keep much focus on me and was too excited about the other horse galloping around and the other horses at the barn. But we did lots of large/small circles and figure eights to keep his mind busy. We only had 2 tweak outs both of which were just "im running whether you're on me or not" moments which was expected since he's never been in that big of space before (the closest to an open area was the other 3 acre field). After a couple more rides in there he'll be more relaxed and good to go! Well that's about it, enjoy this quick clip of Comet grazing in the pasture (:

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